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Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death

What Is Wrongful Death?

A wrongful death occurs when you or a loved one dies as a result of an individual or company’s negligence, wrongful conduct, or willful act.

Who Can Be Held Liable In A Wrongful Death Claim?

A wrongful death claim could be pursued against just about any individual or entity, barring special circumstances, such as sovereign immunity.

Who Can Claim Wrongful Death On Someone’s Behalf?

Under Kentucky law, the fiduciary of an estate is responsible for bringing a wrongful death claim on behalf of the estate. If the deceased leaves a spouse or minor children, these individuals may have a claim for loss of consortium.

What Type Of Wrongful Death Claims Have You Filed And Helped Change Families’ Lives?

We recognize that the loss of a loved one is irreplaceable; however, our wrongful death attorneys work hard to realize the full potential of the loss under the law and have successfully resolved wrongful death claims against hospitals, doctors, nursing homes, pharmaceutical companies, and automobile drivers.

How Can Your Wrongful Death Lawyer Help With A Claim?

Our wrongful death attorney understands coping with the loss of a loved one is not easy. The loss takes a toll on your physical and emotional well-being, and this may be a long journey to recovery. While this is a difficult time for you and your family, this is also the critical time to investigate the circumstances of your loved one’s death.

Our wrongful death attorneys have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to undertake the investigation in a timely manner so as to gather the necessary evidence. Located in Louisville, our firm works with families throughout the state of Kentucky. Our investigation takes time and involves gathering important information, that may be lost forever if we don’t move quickly.

Other steps will include consulting with specialists in the field who can explain the reasons behind the death of your loved one. If our investigation reveals that the death occurred because of another’s negligence and could have been prevented, our wrongful death lawyer can file a lawsuit against the appropriate party or parties.

Why Is A Wrongful Death Attorney Needed In A Case?

Dealing with the emotional trauma and financial difficulties of a loved one’s death is challenging enough without trying to also navigate the associated legal challenges. Our wrongful death attorneys are here to help the surviving family gain the compensation it is entitled to under the law.

The legal process in a wrongful death case can be complicated and overwhelming given the many procedural rules that must be followed in order to timely preserve your rights. Retaining a Louisville wrongful death lawyer with experience in wrongful death cases will help alleviate the burdens of the legal process and allow your focus to remain on yourself and your family.

What Type Of Compensation Is Covered In A Wrongful Death Case?

You may claim past related medical bills, lost wages, future lost income, funeral expenses, and physical and mental pain and suffering. Punitive damages are available if the jury finds the party causing your injury acted with wanton, reckless or willful disregard for your safety. A surviving spouse or a minor child may also have a claim for the loss of the love and affection of their loved one.

At Hance & Srinivasan, P.L.L.C., our personal injury law firm in Kentucky, focuses on the following practice areas:

How Much Experience Does Your Wrongful Death Lawyer Have?

The wrongful death attorneys at Hance & Srinivasan, P.L.L.C., have more than 50 years’ combined experience securing compensation in personal injury and wrongful death cases as a result of another’s wrongful conduct or negligence. Our wrongful death lawyers offer free consultations and help clients throughout all of Kentucky.


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