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Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Louisville, Kentucky

Motorcycle Accidents

What Are The First Things I Should Do After A Motorcycle Accident In Louisville?

  • Call 911 if you or someone else has been injured.
  • Contact the local police department to come and evaluate the scene of the wreck.
  • Get contact information of any bystanders to the wreck.
  • Give the investigating officer all of the information he or she needs in order to complete his or her investigation
  • Seek medical treatment as needed. Your health is the first priority.
  • Contact a Louisville motorcycle accident attorney who can help with dealing with your own insurance company as well as the insurance company for the at-fault driver.

Why Do I Need A Louisville Motorcycle Accident Lawyer After The Case?

Being involved in a motorcycle accident is a little bit different than being involved in a traditional automobile wreck. Although your primary focus, like other drivers, is on healing, the insurance motorcycle accident claims process is confusing and burdensome for motorcyclists, too.

Having a Louisville motorcycle accident lawyer on your side who is knowledgeable about the substantive laws and procedural rules to effectively litigate your motorcycle accident case will allow you to focus on healing instead of fighting with an insurance company.

How Do I Prove It Was The Other Driver’s Fault In A Motorcycle Accident?

As your Louisville motorcycle accident attorneys, we will be able to help you with the legal proof required to show fault. You can help by cooperating with the 911 operator and investigating officer, by taking pictures and/or video of the scene of the motorcycle wreck, and by obtaining contact information and descriptions from any witnesses to the wreck and asking them to share their observations with the investigating officer.

What If The Other Driver Doesn’t Have Insurance?

Kentucky is a no-fault coverage state, but motorcycles and motorcyclists are treated differently under Kentucky’s Motor Vehicle Reparations Act (MVRA).

Insurance on all motor vehicles (automobiles) in Kentucky must include basic reparations benefits (BRB)/personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. BRB/PIP benefits pay up to $10,000 for medical expenses, lost wages up to $200 per week, replacement services and survivor’s benefits if someone is injured in a motor vehicle accident, regardless of who may have been at fault; however, motorcycles are excluded from this BRB/PIP coverage unless the operator of the motorcycle has specifically purchased these BRB/PIP benefits.

Motorcyclists may also purchase uninsured motorist (UM) bodily injury coverage for when an uninsured motorist is responsible for his or her injuries. Depending on the limits you purchase, you can recover the same amount as if the uninsured driver had insurance.

How Can I Get Help If It Was A Road Condition That Caused My Motorcycle Accident?

Sometimes an entity or another individual is responsible for maintaining or preventing an adverse road condition. Depending on the circumstances, a motorcycle accident claim may be pursued against the entity or individual.

What if the motorcycle accident was my fault? How do I get my medical bills taken care of?

Kentucky is considered a no-fault state. This means that even if the motorcycle wreck was your fault you may still access your basic reparations benefits (BRB)/personal injury protection (PIP) benefits. The only exceptions would be if you intentionally caused a motorcycle wreck or did not purchase BRB/PIP benefits for your motorcycle.

Are There Any Special Protection Laws For Motorcyclists In Kentucky?

There are laws intended to protect motorcyclists, just like there are laws to protect other motor vehicle operators. Although the application of the law may be slightly different, if you are injured because of another’s negligence, you may still have a right to pursue a motorcycle accident claim against that person or entity. For making a claim, always get the help of an experienced Louisville motorcycle accident attorney.

What Do I Need To Bring To My Initial Consultation With A Louisville Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

You are the most important source of knowledge and information! Our Louisville motorcycle accident attorney will learn a lot just by talking with you. You can also bring any documents in your possession that you think are related to your case, including a police report, documents regarding medical treatment, a list of medical providers, and a list of time missed from work. Any information you don’t have or don’t know to ask for, our Louisville motorcycle accident lawyers will collect for you, to ensure we have all the necessary information to represent your interests.

At Hance & Srinivasan, P.L.L.C., our personal injury law firm in Louisville, KY, focuses on the following practice areas:

How Does Your Louisville Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Stand Out When Helping People In Louisville?

Injuries associated with motorcycle accidents, such as back and neck injuries, loss of limbs, scars, and disfigurement, traumatic brain injuries, and death are the types of complex injuries that the Louisville motorcycle accident lawyers at Hance & Srinivasan, P.L.L.C., have handled in a variety of Louisville personal injury cases in their more than 50 years of cumulative legal experience. Our attention to detail, knowledge of the rules of the road, and accessibility to you when you need us sets us apart.


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